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About this Course:

Data Science & Analytics is a one-of-a-kind, 10-week non-credit course that teaches the fundamentals of data analytics, using easy-to-understand and engaging data exercises.

Offered by Startup Institute and Western New England University's Office of Professional Development, classes include hands-on training with R and Tableau, empowering students to take their career to the next level by moving beyond simple spreadsheets to impressive dashboards and visualizations.

Students learn what to expect in their next roles from experienced analytics professionals and startup veterans who have hired and grown successful data science teams.

The Best Part:

Students learn these skills using data that they know and love!

Course Details

Classes Begin on 10/05/17 and end on 12/19/17

Tuesday evenings from 6pm-9pm

CLICK Workspace - Northampton, MA, 01060


    Curriculum Developed in Conjunction with TCB Analytics

    Curriculum Developed in Conjunction with TCB Analytics


    "Intro To Data Science" Express Application

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