Franklin Ramirez

From operations in retail to mobile advertising at Twitter

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“I worried about if I could be successful here. Was I going to be able to find a job after? Was I even going to get through the program? I don’t come from a tech background, so it was both intimidating and worrying to see if I’d be able to adapt to the new environment and experiences that I’d be exposed to.”

Franklin Ramirez was unstimulated by his job in retail—but he was an optimizer, always looking for ways to improve the business.

While working for a major department store in New York, he spearheaded an initiative to digitize daily operations and merchandise control. His story caught our attention during the admissions process. What mattered most to us was that it was evidence of a time when he took on a challenge outside of his job function simply because he saw a need and wanted to help. He’s exactly the kind of thinker innovative companies need.


I’m working with people who are leaders within the industry. I’m seated next to people who are extremely accomplished and have done absolutely amazing things in their short careers—there are 31 to 36 year olds who are on fire. I love that about my job.


Ramirez led the charge in digitizing the company’s paper records, and collaborated with the store’s IT department to implement technology that would expedite inventory processes. In the meantime, he exceeded expectations in his own role, assisting in-house marketing efforts which sparked his interest in advertising.

A year in, after being met with bureaucratic responses to his innovative ideas, it was clear to Ramirez it was time to move on.

Ramirez enrolled in the digital marketing track and threw himself into the New York tech scene with force. He was energized by the industry and the opportunity to meet and collaborate with like-minded people. He needed to be a part of it.

Ramirez tapped into our alumni network in New York and connected with another alumnus who was working in business development for Twitter. The connection helped him land an interview, and eventually his dream job in AdTech at Twitter.


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