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Our web development track focuses on Ruby on Rails. RoR enables developers to get products to market quickly compared to other languages.

For companies, this means they can have an edge; for our students, this means that their skills are in-demand and highly employable. Using Rails as a vehicle, the web development coursework encourages logic and problem-solving skills that will enable you to overcome challenges no matter what language you’re working with.

The program begins with the fundamentals of model-view-controller architecture. Lesson delivery includes a series of Rails labs and opportunities to work on real project deliverables both individually and collaboratively. Weekly workshops will give you exposure to topics such as test-driven development, git, AJAX, and API’s. Throughout your eight weeks, you’ll engineer deliverables that prove your abilities as an effective developer and teammate.

Key Skills and Capabilities:

  • Setting up a dev environment: brew, Xcode, RVM, git
  • MVC basics: intro to model-view-controller architecture
  • Building and testing a Rails application
  • Source control management and cloud-based deployment
  • Employing collaborative approaches to overcome coding challenges



Rails Application Structure

The program begins with an in-depth look at the Rails application structure, MVC, dynamic client-side behavior, writing tests, git branching, and debugging.

Getting Started with GitHub

Learn about version control and why it’s important. Tour GitHub and its main features, focusing on how it aids great developers and development teams. Create a static webpage project using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, then check your project into git and push to GitHub.

Development Processes

Explore various development methodologies, such as agile, scrum and waterfall, and how these practices strengthen team dynamics while enabling new products to get to market faster. Delve into the development process behind a product that your instructor built to see and investigate both applications of and divergences from these practices. Consider which processes to apply to your own project and begin to execute on these ideas.

Building a Rails App

Explore the architecture of the web, breaking down key concepts of web development, RoR, and open-source frameworks. Then, build your first Rails app with the support of an expert practitioner and David Kehoe’s Learn Ruby on Rails.


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