Startup Institute and Founders League Team Up to Launch Tech Training Program in RI

This article first appeared on BostInno. Nearly a year ago, Startup Institute introduced RampUp*, a two-month, part-time program designed to teach the basic technical skills that prepare entrepreneurs for success in the tech and startup sectors. Up until now, Startup Institute has only run the RampUp Program in three U.S. cities: Boston, Chicago and New York. Now, the career accelerator is partnering with Founders League to launch RampUp in Rhode Island—an initiative that can help the workforce there more easily transition into tech industry jobs.

Founders League, a partnership between Betaspring, Brown University, the Providence Chamber of Commerce and the University of Rhode Island, offers programs for entrepreneurs to share their knowledge as well as co-working, mentoring services, and shared space. This marks the first time the Institute has run RampUp as a stand-alone program outside of its core cities of operation.

"Rhode Island has a considerable amount of talent and some of our most successful graduates have come from RI,” Allan Telio, Startup Institute Director and Vice President, told BostInno. “We're excited to make our offering accessible to more people and help support the local ecosystem.”

Telio added in a news release that Rhode Island was a natural choice for RampUp because of Startup Institute’s partnership with BetaSpring in Providence. Additionally, the Institute has seen numerous students travel from Providence to Boston to enroll in its programs.

RampUp helps plant the seed for growing technical talent in Rhode Island.

Over the course of the eight-week program, students work in small teams, with the guidance of industry professionals. Local experts from the tech community teach the classes in RampUp, which cover a range of topics from Ruby and JavaScript to technical marketing. The program combines in-person evening classes and online learning materials for a personalized educational experience. RampUp courses will be run out of the Founders League Providence office, from July 23 through September 27.

“The number one need for our companies after they raise capital is great people,” said Founders League Director Melissa Withers in a press statement. “RampUp helps plant the seeds for growing technical talent in Rhode Island. This is great for the local economy and for people looking to join the tech ecosystem.”

*Our part-time classes are no longer referred to as RampUp.