The Best Marketing Strategy for a New Business

It’s fairly easy to focus on marketing tactics. There’s always the latest trend to draw on, never mind that relentless flow of people and companies telling you what you should be doing to acquire customers. If you work for a new or emerging business, don’t drown in the sea of marketing tactics available to you. The best marketing strategy is a more organic approach. Get to know your customer and you’ll learn how to market to them.

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Start with these basic questions:

  1. Who is my target customer?
  2. Where do I find them?
  3. How is what I’m offering different and better than offerings I’m competing against?

The answers to these questions will provide you with the fundamental building blocks for marketing your new business. So, who is your target customer? If you answer men and women 18-64 you’ve got a problem. That’s too broad. You need to narrow your focus.

Refine the product so it serves a more specific need of a more specific person or choose aspects of your product that will appeal to smaller segments of customers. And don’t be afraid of being labeled a “niche” product. Niches are great and plentiful. With the internet it’s easier than ever to find large niches that offer significant opportunity. You can always broaden your appeal later.[bctt tweet="Don't be afraid to be labeled a niche product, says @TomStearns1"]

Now find those customers on or offline and listen to them, study them, survey them, become one of them (if you’re not already). This exercise will do two productive things:

  1. Pinpoint where exactly to find your customers.
  2. Educate you as to what they really want so you can offer them a better solution. Or, best case, you’ll validate that whats you’ve created really is the best. Remember—you can’t just be a different answer than your competitors; you have to be the right answer, too.

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Now, it’s a matter of articulating what you do, how it is, in fact, better for your customer, and then marketing your solution to them in those same places you found them.

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