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Top 4 Signs a Startup is Hiring

Are you looking for a job at a startup? Most startups don’t hire in a traditional manner. In fact, most open roles will be filled before they ever make their way to a job board. Clearly this poses a challenge when you’re trying to get your foot in the door at a startup company. Savvy job seekers know that at least 70% of jobs aren’t advertised, so they can’t rely on job sites to get the lay of the landscape. Instead, they’re aware of key indicators that signal a startup may be actively searching for talent. We don’t want you to miss an opportunity for a job you’ll love, so below are a few things you should keep an eye out for in your job search to find the startups that are hiring.[bctt tweet="70% of job openings are never advertised online, says @dacunhac"]

Startups that are fundraising are often hiring:

If a startup is fundraising or recently closed a round, you can bet that they are hiring. Fundraising is probably the biggest sign the startup will be growing their team. For the startup, taking on capital means it’s time to get down to business, build an awesome team, and take the business to the next level. For you, this means it is time to approach the company and show what value you can add.

Throughout your job search, keep tabs on startup funding through websites like Crunchbase or AngelList. Set up Google alerts with keywords such as “Series A,” or “Funding Round” to get the news right in your inbox.[bctt tweet="Fundraising is probably the biggest sign that a startup will be hiring. @dacunhac"]

New leadership means new job opportunities:

This is another key indicator that a startup will be looking to make at least a few new hires. When new leaders are hired to help revive the company or to steer it in the right direction, they’ll need the support of a talented and dedicated to team to make that happen. They often want to build this team themselves.

If a startup you’re interested in brings on leadership you’d like to work with, don’t wait to see new job listings show up on the company’s website. Try to get a warm introduction if you know anyone who can give you the in, or connect with this person via email or LinkedIn. If possible, schedule a time to meet with them and learn how you can be of help. [bctt tweet="Be proactive in your job search-- don't wait for a job listing to make the connection. @dacunhac"]

A sudden burst of activity implies growth:

Are you starting to see or hear about a startup everywhere you turn? If a high-growth company is going above and beyond to get their name out there, that’s another good indicator. They may be about to make an announcement of some sort: a new product, closing a round of funding, bringing on a new CEO. Any of these things would likely mean that they’re about to bring on some new team members.

When all else fails, go to the job postings:

I know, I know--I just said that most startups don’t hire in a traditional manner, and I stand by that. Finding a job online is not your The majority of roles won’t be listed, but when they are, you know without a doubt that the startup is hiring. Beyond that, it is important to note that if a startup does post a job, it often means they’re having trouble finding someone within their network to fill the position. Apply online, but also back channel and try to find a connection that will bump your resume to the top of the stack.[bctt tweet="Apply for jobs online, but also back channel for a warm introduction. @dacunhac"]

Job hunting is never an easy task, but finding a job in the startup ecosystem can feel like a needle-in-a-haystack effort if you don’t know these tricks of the trade. We hope these signs will help as you continue your job search.

Have you found other indicators that a startup is looking to grow their team? Share below in the comments-- we’d love to hear these!

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