MassChallenge and Startup Institute: Partners in the Innovation Renaissance

At the heart of Startup Institute’s mission is disruption, creativity, progress, innovation, and accessibility for the masses. This is why we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with MassChallenge.

MassChallenge is the world’s largest accelerator. They’re catalyzing a global renaissance by connecting high-impact startups with the resources they need to launch and succeed. With programs in Boston, Israel, and most recently the UK, MassChallenge provides entrepreneurs with mentorship, office space, education, access to a vast network, and other resources that these young companies need to grow.[bctt tweet="Partnership b/w @MassChallenge + @StartupInst to help young startups grow" via="no"]

One of the greatest obstacles facing MC’s early-stage entrepreneurs is finding the right talent, and this is where we can help. With an ever-expanding network of alumni, we can offer these growing companies a reservoir of possibility as they scale. MassChallenge companies will have access to a community of startup-savvy talent with the skills, network, and mindset to see their companies thrive, while also benefiting from professional development via our curriculum and speakers.

Our own students and alumni will also gain from this partnership. They’ll build closer relationships with MC’s companies and community at special events and through opportunities to work on projects for these young startups. Innovators and experts from MC’s community are joining the ranks of Startup Institute instructors to train our students in the real tools and strategies that they’re using to acquire customers, drive engagement, and accelerate startup growth.[bctt tweet="Entrepreneurs from @MassChallenge will teach at @StartupInst" via="no"]

At Startup Institute, we’ve always admired MassChallenge for their vision, grit, and efforts toward the greater-good, and were recently honored to welcome MC Co-Founder Akhil Nigam to our advisory board. Our CEO, Diane Hessan, is excited to see an already strong collaboration grow even stronger:

“Partnering with MassChallenge connects our students to great startups in Boston and London, while also setting the stage for further collaboration as both organizations expand globally."

John Harthorne, Co-Founder and CEO of MassChallenge, agrees, adding:

“[MassChallenge] wants to provide entrepreneurs with what they need to succeed, and our relationship with Startup Institute helps solve one of their biggest challenges: access to outstanding talent.”

So, here’s to innovation. Here’s to progress and growth and to making the world a better place. Here’s to the renaissance. We’re looking forward to seeing what our two companies can achieve as we work together.[bctt tweet="Collaborating in the startup renaissance @MassChallenge + @StartupInst" via="no"]

Photo credit: Courtney Boyd Myers via Flickr cc