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Startupedia: What Does Crushing It Mean?

What does "crushing it" mean? Crushing it is a common expression used when someone is doing their job particularly well, or exceeding all of their goals. Unlike the the literal definition of the word “crush” (to destroy with force to the point of injury), “crushing it” has an extremely positive connotation. The phrase can easily be swapped out with it’s cousin “killin’ it”, also a popular song from the American electronic dance music duo Krewella. Either phrase is meant to be used in a exclamatory fashion, so as to celebrate with co-workers over a great achievement, often seen in conjunction with a victory fist pump (see baby below) or a high five. This Corona commercial from 2012 suggests that “crushing it” warrants the cheersing of beers at happy hour, a popular ritual for startup employees as they wind down from a long day.

Though it is traditionally used to describe a person’s individual success, it can be also be used to describe a company, a particular campaign, or even a currency. There are so many ways to crush it.

baby crushing it