Our CEO Takes the Stage at the White House

We have two big problems. One is a serious talent gap in tech. The other is that, if you look at the Gallup numbers, 70% of people in the United States are either underemployed or completely disengaged in their jobs. -Diane Hessan

Just a day after our students took the stage to pitch their talents and missions to entrepreneurs and scaleup hiring managers in Boston, Chicago, and New York City, CEO Diane Hessan stepped up to the White House podium at the first-ever White House Tech Meetup.


Hosted by the Office of Science & Technology Policy, the meetup builds on President Obama's efforts in his TechHire Initiative, announced earlier this year. With more than 500,000 job openings, careers in information technology make up about 12% of the approximately 5 million openings currently in the U.S.-- affirming that IT has the largest talent gap in the States right now. TechHire aims to grow the economy by helping individuals to skill-up for jobs in fields such as web development, project management, UI/UX design, data analytics, and customer support.

Among other entrepreneurial leaders, community organizers, elected officials, and industry experts, Diane was asked to share some of the exciting ways that Startup Institute is working to build a more talented and interconnected innovation economy, while helping individuals to build culture skills and find purposeful, engaging careers.


Check out a clip from Diane's speech, above (sadly, the footage cuts out partway through her talk). To learn more about our full-time program, download the course guide.