8 Awesome Platforms for Inbound Marketers

Meaghan Moraes is Senior Content Specialist at Responsive Inbound Marketing, leading our technical marketing course on inbound marketing in Boston. Inbound marketers are content specialists, promotion gurus, and natural collaborators. But, remember that inbound marketers are people, too–and helpful tools are a must in today’s competitive marketing landscape. So, which platforms are on successful inbound marketers’ radars? This marketing tools list will highlight eight awesome platforms that can seriously ramp up your inbound.[bctt tweet="8 great tools for inbound #marketing, by @RspnsvInbndMktg"]

1. BuzzSumo

This site will show you what’s trending before any other source. On BuzzSumo, you can:

  • See what emerging content is engaging your audience
  • Predict future trending content
  • Act on trending content before your competitors
  • Improve the future performance of your own content through trending insights

You can see the content that is emerging and resonating with your audience, and on which networks it’s gaining traction. For inbound marketers, this is key. You can even create an alert for “inbound marketing” and be notified every time new content is published about the topic. You can also be notified every time a competitor publishes new content. BuzzSumo can help you become the “go-to” source for people who want to stay in-the-know.[bctt tweet="See content engaging your audience + improve your own w/ @BuzzSumo - @RspnsvInbndMktg "]

2. Outbrain

Outbrain is all about content amplification. This service gets your articles placed in the right spots on the right websites, focusing on what is most interesting to the audience. Outbrain weighs the articles you submit based on highest click through rates and serves up your content from there to make sure the most popular pieces get placed and to optimize for the most clicks. If you want your strong, enticing content to be seen by the right people at the right time, Outbrain can give you a boost.[bctt tweet="Use @Outbrain to amplify the reach of your #contentmarketing @RspnsvInbndMktg"]

3. Asana

In digital marketing, teamwork usually happens over email – which is oftentimes less than ideal for timely and clear communication. With Asana, anyone who wants to contribute to or follow the conversation can be actively engaged. Work can even be labeled as “Priority" (time sensitive), “Evergreen,” “Customer-Generated Content,” etc. This is an effective way to involve your team, and to always have great content to choose from. This is also a great way to record what went well and where there is room for improvement. Asana can help you produce timely and engaging content and develop stronger relationships with your customers.

4. HubSpot Sidekick

HubSpot Sidekick is a sales acceleration product that arms reps with the context they need to sell better and faster. Sidekick can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with CRMs, including but not limited to HubSpot. If you’re looking to make prospecting, connecting, and engaging with potential leads easy and intuitive, this product is for you. Real-time notifications tell you when, where, and how prospects are engaging with you by opening or clicking your emails or visiting your website, while a “send later” feature allows you to send more effective emails without sacrificing your workflow. Sidekick can help you learn more about your contact’s organization and potential contacts within the company by simply visiting the company website.

5. Zerys

What is Zerys? It’s basically a comprehensive content strategy planner, content production platform, and professional writer marketplace, all rolled into one. Inbound marketers spend a lot of time planning their content strategy, creating engaging titles, and organizing editorial calendars. This platform can alleviate all of these tasks, offering easy access to talented freelance writers to join your content powerhouse.[bctt tweet=".@Zerys manages #contentstrategy, production, + writer sourcing in one - @RspnsvInbndMktg"]

6. Evernote

If you’re lacking a bit of organizational sanity, Evernote will help you juggle multiple projects with several people. You can type out an entire draft right into Evernote and even link to other notes in that space. Using the handy mobile app, you can take and make notes wherever you go. Evernote allows for real-time collaboration on certain tasks. And, since it’s compatible with all the major social networks, it’s easily shareable. You can create a live link and share it for all of your followers to see.[bctt tweet=".@evernote facilitates real-time collaboration and is easily sharable - @RspnsvInbndMktg"]

7. Trello

Trello is a simple project management system that is setup in a “Kanban” style board, making it extremely easy to see where each task is and what you need to work on. Inbound marketers can leverage Trello for their content calendar and editorial process. You can create columns for each step of the editorial process, assign writers, set due dates and attach documents. This allows for seamless organization, visibility, and communication.

8. Canva

As an inbound marketer, Canva will undoubtedly come in handy in a number of scenarios. You can easily create and edit Calls-to-Action (CTA’s), templates, or even your logo. Being able to design these pieces quickly is a big help because it makes it much easier to update old versions and try out new designs with A/B testing. By being able to quickly design within Canva, you won’t have to exhaust other design resources on simple projects. Canva is perfect for someone who isn’t a natural graphic designer to create simple projects by themselves. For inbound marketers, this tool can help get simple design work done quickly and free up your professional design resources for the more demanding projects.[bctt tweet="#Marketers can use @Canva on simple design projects to free up the experts - @RspnsvInbndMktg"]

So, there you have it. These eight powerful marketing tools are virtual lifesavers for busy inbound marketers who value exceptional content marketing. Collaborate, strategize, and share easier and better. Although your inbound efforts are likely already awesome, a boost couldn’t hurt!

Photo credit: Ned Potter via Flickr cc