Startup Institute is Launching a Data Science Course & It Looks Pretty Cool

This article first appeared on BostInno.

Thanks to the skyrocketing job market demand for people with analytics skills, Data Science has quickly become one of the sexiest subjects of study throughout the world of education. In fact, the discipline has become so prolific that it isn’t just for universities anymore.

Startup Institute - which has been helping professionals get a leg up when launching their innovation-centric careers - is announcing that it’s throwing its hat in the Data Science ring with a new part-time course that it’s launching. The company has partnered up with Stattleship - a platform for sports data, stats and social media - and starting March 3, they'll be bringing maybe one of the most relatable, accessible and, dare I say, entertaining data analytics curricula to students.


Right off the bat, Startup Institute’s class is earning major points because the information students will be working with is real-time sports data from Stattleship. Sports fans and tech aficionados rejoice. What’s more fun than learning the fundamentals of data analytics through actual stats about your favorite teams and players? Next to nothing.

Over the course of 8 weeks, students will gain exposure to data science concepts and complete interactive exercises using R, Tableau and Stattleship’s stats. They’ll also be in good hands with the class’s instructors: Josh Walker - a Stattleship co-founder - and Tanya Cashorali - Stattleship’s Chief Data Officer. The duo are also founding partners of TCB Analytics, a data consultancy firm based in Boston. They bring more than a decade of analytics expertise from a wide range of industries, including bioinformatics, sports and finance.

Data Science for all

As with any other course it offers, Startup Institute’s upcoming Data Science and Analytics class has a low barrier of entry in terms of academic prerequisites. Anyone jonesing to do some data analytics, regardless of their prior experience or education in the field, can participate in the part-time program.

The offering is promising to be so approachable and fun that Startup Institute CEO, Diane Hessan, wants to take the it herself. According to Hessan:

At this point, you’d have to be living in a cave to not know that data science will give you the potential to have a great career. The problem is that when you dig into the courses available, you’ll see that they all say, “Prerequisite: PhD”...Even for the ones that don’t require a PhD, people need to have a fairly in-depth background in Statistics or Python. That’s all well and good, but there’s an enormous population who loves data, who want to get involved but don’t have the extensive educational background other programs require.

So in addition to dealing with sports data that most people know and love, the class is shaking things up in the realm of Data Science by making the subject more accessible to people of all academic and professional backgrounds.

“It’s an immersive experience in Data Science without the mathematical prerequisites,” Hessan said. “We want the people who love the idea of manipulating data and who are curious about analytics. But we don’t need people to have that Statistics degree, Python certification or PhD.”

At the end of the class, participating students will be armed with the analytics skills to be dangerously good at their jobs or even to move into a new position. Or, if they’re left wanting more, they will have a strong foundation for pursuing further Data Science studies.