Startup Institute Launches New Inclusion Scholarship Program

To support its ongoing commitment to diversity, excellence, and inclusion in the innovation space, Startup Institute announces the launch of a new scholarship program. Admitted students will be eligible to receive up to $3,000 towards the cost of the full-time program. [bctt tweet=".@StartupInst Launches New Inclusion Scholarship Program #ILookLikeAnEngineer #diversity in #tech" username="StartupInst"]

Five scholarships will be offered:

Inclusion Scholarships

  • Women in Tech
  • People of Color in Tech
  • Seasoned Professionals in Tech (age 40+)

Veterans’ Scholarship

  • Veterans receive an automatic $1,000 off tuition

Excellence in STEM Scholarship

  • Demonstrated excellence in a STEM-related field

Fostering greater diversity in tech has been a founding principle of Startup Institute. Since 2012, classes have been approximately 41% women and 35% students of color—numbers that are significantly higher than the national average. The age of students is also a major focus of attention for the organization, which believes fighting ageism in tech will enrich and advance the industry. 10% of Startup Institute’s  students are over the age of 35, and the oldest students are between 50 and 65 years old.

[bctt tweet="Classes @StartupInst are 41% women and 35% students of color #diversity in #tech" username="StartupInst"]

Says Vice President of Marketing, Dana Córdova, “Ethnic and gender diversity continues to be a serious issue in the innovation space, but ageism is something that gets less attention. Seasoned professionals have a wealth of experience younger workers simply can’t offer—and often all they need is a quick refresh of their technical skills and a strong network to make a move into the tech industry.”  [bctt tweet="10% of @StartupInst students are over 35, and some are between 50 and 65 years old, says @dwcordova" username="StartupInst"]

New York Program Director, Peggy Yu added, “since I joined the team last October, I continue to be impressed by our team's relentless focus on finding the most talented and diverse people for our program. Our summer New York class was 57% women, 51% people of color, and 14% were over the age of 40—and just one week after graduation, 20% of them are already placed.

[bctt tweet="The summer class @StartupInst was 57% women, 51% people of color, and 14% were over 40—@peggy_yu" username="StartupInst"]

Applicants to the full-time program starting October 17th will be eligible for all applicable awards.

PRESS CONTACT:Dana Córdova | Vice President of Marketing | | 617-270-6659

Photo credit: Sam Moody Photography