A New Face of Higher Education

Ty McDonald is a student in the Sales and Business Development Track at the Startup Institute Boston. A living and learning explorer inspired by innovation and dedication. he likes movement and pushing the envelope.

The thought leaders behind the Startup Institute have created something that is truly exciting to be a part of.

In a world where technology is evolving at an ever-faster rate and the startup community in Boston continues to thrive, the Startup Institute Boston is contributing a vibrant new pulse to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing enterprising minds together in a collaborative setting.


With a refreshing atmosphere of humility and self-efficacy, the Startup Institute tribe is made up of individuals with a broad range of experience and ability. Students are here because they want to learn and make connections that will help drive their success. They want to be part of the high-octane startup environment and they’re eager to develop the skills that will allow them to contribute positively. They’re poised and prepared to make a splash from the get-go within the companies they join or create going forward. There is no sense of entitlement, but rather a healthy undercurrent of constructive creativity and ambition amongst the founders, instructors, and students alike – all of whom are eager to work together and to add value in wherever they put forth their efforts.

By building a platform for job seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to hire vetted and ambitious talent, the folks at the Startup Institute Boston are leading a movement in higher education. As the real value of traditional graduate business education continues to be called into question, SIB offers a welcomed alternative – a fast paced and accelerated game plan that mirrors the rapidly evolving and high-speed world of technology entrepreneurship.

As the Startup Institute wagon continues to gain momentum, one can only smile with anticipation at the dynamic progress to come.