Announcing our Fall 2012 Startup Institute Boston Class

Announcing our Fall 2012 Startup Institute Boston Class:

"As a learning experience delivering new skills for the new economy, this second class represents an increasingly apparent desire for individuals to align passion with profession."

- Shaun Johnson, Dean and Co-Founder, Startup Institute

Today we embark on the next chapter of our mission to create a new type of learning experience. Through that, the Startup Institute Boston welcomes 60 students in to our Fall 2012 program. We were blown away by the caliber of applicants and are excited to kick off the next six weeks of this experience at our new home.


"We’re creating a like-minded cohort of learning, and through this continue to inject growth-minded change agents into the ecosystem. Today these individuals are working for local startups, but tomorrow they’ll be leading the market’s best companies."

- Aaron O’Hearn, CEO and Co-Founder, Startup Institute

Our new students are smart, curious, and adventurous risk-takers. Many have quit their jobs and moved far from home in order to be a part of the Startup Institute. Professionally, they are graphic designers, social entrepreneurs, attorneys, and former content directors. Personally, they are musicians, oyster farmers, fantasy football addicts, Capoeira lovers, tri-athletes and a professional lacrosse player. They come from Maryland, Oregon, New England, India, the UK, and beyond. They are passionate, hungry, and ready to learn.

So what will they be learning? By the end of six weeks in marketing, students will have learned how to write great content, manage social media, and analyze everything. The product and design track focuses on user centered design and front-end skills; designing functional products that people love to use. In sales, students learn how to build rapport and how to ask the right questions. Our web development track focuses on Ruby on Rails and will have a cross-track session with Product and Design and Technical Marketing on on-page optimization; building search engine optimized code, meta tags, and keywords.

This session, we are thrilled to partner with many great companies that are looking to hire our graduates.

“The Startup Institute students have self-identified their ambition to make a dent in the universe via a startup career. We have hired two people from the first class and they came in shock-proofed and ready to rock and roll.”

- Jules Pieri, CEO, Daily Grommet

We are also happy to continue to grow our relationships with many partners from our first program. Among our returning partners is uTest, CTO Fumi Matsumoto describes their decision to re-commit;

“At uTest, we seek out opportunities to engage intelligent, creative and industrious people looking to leave their mark on the world. This is why we’ve been so happy with our experience working with the Startup Institute. We’re impressed with their students and grateful that a place so nurturing of innovation exists right in our backyard.”

- Fumi Matsumoto, CTO, uTest

For the full list of our partners, please visit our website.

The continued support from the greater-Boston startup community has been integral in the growth of the Startup Institute and we want to thank everyone who has shared our vision. Please follow the progress of our new class and stay in touch with us via  Twitter and Facebook.