Startup Institute Talent Expo in Boston

The Harvard iLab was a-buzz with energy around our new crop of startup-ready graduates last month. We had our biggest turnout at a Boston Talent Expo ever, and these guys totally nailed it! And these awesome stories don’t end with the end of the Expo. Phoebe DiLeo is now crushing it as Business Development Specialist at CoPatient, Jen Douglas is a graphic design guru at Ovuline, Albert Tsoi is Ecovent’s new marketing maven, and David Pham recently joined him to soup-up their community and customer experiences. And this is just the start. These guys are champions, and we are psyched to see what great things they do.

And, while they were hitting it out of the park in Boston, our inaugural London class killed it in the city's first ever Startup Institute Talent Expo. Check out the trailer!