Startup Institute Students are Ready for Hire

By Kelly McDonald

Have you ever been reading great book and just when things are getting good, you arrive at your stop on the T? That’s a little bit how we’re feeling here at the Startup Institute. For the past six weeks we have been talking about the skills we need to be effective startup employees, what companies we should apply to, and our next steps in life. We feel like we finally have the hang of things and are in a good groove, but now the talking is over and it’s time to put #LearnToDo into actually doing.

My path to SIB was more of a winding country drive than a high speed freeway. Since graduating from Babson in 2009, I have worked at my family business, Broadstone Advisors, in marketing at a large bank, and inside sales at a software company. One boss actually told me in a performance review that my “sense of humor was not understood”. That’s when I knew I needed a change and would take my jokes and cupcakes elsewhere. By learning what I didn’t want in a career, I discovered what would make me happy and joined the technical marketing track here at the Startup Institute.

Most of us came to the Startup Institute to find careers. For those who have just graduated, the procrastination of joining the “real world” is about to pass and for career changers, like myself, we will be unleashed on the workplace once again. We’ve been asking visiting companies, “What’s your company culture like?” or “What resources do you offer in terms of professional development?” and “What are your biggest challenges as you grow?”, but always we ask “What jobs are you hiring for??”

Like many of my classmates, I really want to find a company where people are passionate about what they are doing. 

Startup Instituters are ambitious, smart, hard working, and FUN! When I first approached the class about making a parody music video to show to potential employers, some were a hard sell, but most were ready to go all American Idol on me. “Hire You” showcases who were are, what we’ve been doing, and why we’re ready to rock the Boston startup scene (in more ways than one).

Special thanks to Matt DiStefano for bringing my harebrained lyrics to life with his solo performance and sound editing, Dean Dieker for doing the video editing, Jing Wei for the amazing photographs, and all of my classmates who sang at the top of their lungs!