Collaborating With Travel Startup, Fathom

Ever wonder what it is like to work with a startup? As part of the core curriculum at Startup Institute, students are paired with selected partner companies in cross-functional teams. In our New York program, Fathom, a travel website, has served as a partner company twice. Fathom is led by co-founders, Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba.


The group working with Fathom, nicknamed “Team Treehouse”, was an all-male team working with an all-female staff. The main project objective was to develop growth hacking strategies as Fathom is trying to reinvent travel websites.This is what Technical Marketing student, Jonathan Carrillo, had to say about his partner project experience:

Working with our partner project Fathom was an amazing experience, we went from making concepts and ideation of a marketing and social media campaign, to building and wire framing their new landing page that will launch next year. Pavia and her team have given us the edge and resources we needed to learn more about working in the startup world. 

Pavia enjoyed working with Team Treehouse so much, she wrote a poem entitled Team Treehouse: A Haiku:

let me tell you why
I so love my startup team
These guys amaze

Working alongside a startup is an immersive experience that truly benefits both students and companies. #Learntodo is an important aspect of our curriculum and ethos, helping to ensure our students are great hires with skills and the mindset to succeed at a startup.

Special thanks to Fathom for their partnership!