Turning Silent Stories into Daily Discoveries

Much in the same way Daily Grommet discovers and showcases outstanding products, the Boston-area startup has just gained recent attention for doing exactly this for mid-career individuals. Recently featured on the Today Show, Daily Grommet, a Citizen-Commerce company highlighted their practice of finding the best talent wherever they are – even at home after years as a stay-at-home mom. We couldn’t be prouder of this feature of our Startup Institute partner.

The story behind the story captures the plight of two characters. First, a great startup that has learned to find impactful talent in innovative ways. And second, a talented and eager individual that could often be overlooked for the career opportunity of a lifetime due to a perceived lack of the skills, mindset, and access to work at a startup. But none of these characters are unique – we see them struggle with these challenges everyday. Perhaps you see them too. Perhaps it’s your struggle.

At the Startup Institute, we help both the individual and the startup break through these barriers around skillset and access needed in this growth-minded landscape. We make it really simple to execute on their respective missions to impact the world and fulfill their visions in the most efficient way possible. Whether you are reading this as someone driving an upward bound career or company, we live for the chance to work alongside you to create stories with happy endings.