Good Things Come to Those that Wait

by Shaun Johnson Springtime is upon us! What that means, from the perspective of the academic calendar, is school is almost out. If this is your senior year in undergrad, second year in B-school, or last year in any other capacity, the time has come for you to take that education and make an impact on the world.

Just like spring, your career is in transition from budding to blooming, and the beauty of it comes down to where you lay roots. So where do you go, or better yet, what can you land this close to graduation? All of the investment banks and consultancies have come and left in the fall, leaving only a trail of campus swag behind. Most of the conglomerate corporations have made their winter harvest and selected two grads per cubicle. Is this season the most barren of them all for jobs? Not in the slightest!

Spring is when things are set anew. What opportunity embodies newness better than a startup? There are tons of exhilarating companies building cool, game-changing products and having a great time doing it right here in Boston. Because they are fast-paced, action-biased startups, they don’t hire people a year in advance. This is also because hiring each person is very important to the culture and future of the company, not to be treated as another trivial cog in the machine…but I digress.

If you’ve been patient enough to let this amazing window open for you, congratulations! If you aren’t quite sure how to take advantage and seize a role at an awesome startup, let’s cut to the chase:

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