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Have Questions About Startup Institute? Ask Us Anything.

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As a company, we consider ourselves pretty transparent. We’re not afraid to say who is and isn’t the right fit for our program, we tell our students about company operations, and we want anyone to be able to ask us anything.

The spirit of transparency is something that’s shared from our founders to our current students, and everyone in between (staff, instructors, alumni, and partners). We know our program is non-traditional, so not surprisingly there will always be a few questions about what we do and how we do it. We don’t believe in stupid questions. In anticipation of the questions our Summer applicants might have, we want to share some resources that could come in handy.

Our Reddit “Ask Me Anythings”:

We’re the leadership team at Startup Institute, Ask Us Anything.

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We’re the founders of Startup Institute, Aaron O’Hearn and Shaun Johnson - Ask Us Anything

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Now that’s a lot of questions answered, but if you still have one we’re ready and willing to answer it for you. Just shoot an email to and one of our staff will get back to you asap! If you have a city-specific question, be sure to note that in your email so someone from the right city can answer.

If you’re ready to apply, congratulations! You’ve made a big decision just to apply. Fill out your application here: and we’ll be in touch soon to schedule an interview.