Having a Sales Bootcamp Has Its Benefits (Or, Cupcake Cookie Craziness)

Cupcake Cookie Craziness

Work days are long. They’re even longer at Startup Institute where we learn that startup life means more work and less sleep than you previously thought possible. We balance partner projects, interviews, fireside chats, hard skill seminars, improv games, and more. Prioritization is the name of the game. Did I forget to mention the coffee chats? We’re tired (in a good way).

A perk of having sales students in the program? Our colleagues in the Sales and Account Management Track have been hard at work putting their skills to use in order to procure us a little solace on our journey. The first of these perks provided by our sales team came just in time, secured by the indefatigable Mamta Parakh. After days of eager anticipation, FoodtoEat rolled into our office with an array of cookies. The thing is, these weren’t any normal cookies. They were cupcake cookies.

I’m sure your mind is racing at the possibilities, so here’s the low-down. Classic sugar cookies, shaped like cupcakes - plus all of the frosting and sprinkles your lucky tastebuds can handle. Needless to say, by the end of our lunch hour the cookies were all gone. We rode that sugar high for the rest of the day.

Cupcake Cookie
Cupcake Cookie

The cupcake cookies were from Sweet Generation, a bakery that brings the concept of a community bake sale to the national stage. From there, they support key causes such as funding arts education. There’s some food for thought — literally. It’s something everyone can get behind and only one small example of the way FoodtoEat strives to find the intersection between helping people and ‘yum’.

We all enjoyed the tangible satisfaction of our midday meal, but seeing the fruits of one of our colleague’s labor was the real treat. Mamta identified FoodtoEat as an exciting startup here in NYC, a company that’s actively helping connect vendors both large and small with hungry folk like us. Their unique business model positions them to provide great food, while helping small vendors who normally couldn’t afford to sell on such a platform. Mamta worked with FoodtoEat to form a symbiotic partnership with the Startup Institute.

Our time at Startup Institute may be coming to an end soon, but it’s things like the cupcake cookie craziness that we’ll remember best. Not just because we all love to eat, but because it was one of the first examples of our hard work paying off. Similarly, we recently got to take a night off and enjoy some karaoke provided by another of our Sales colleagues - Shayan Saber. Here’s to more work, more fun, and the unbreakable bonds forged in the crucible of Startup Institute!

Doug Wagner is a New Jersey native, back from his collegiate excursion to the Great White North. Now in the big bad city, he’s working for BigSoccer.com and studying Technical Marketing at the Startup Institute New York. He’s also is a soccer fanatic. Above all, he loves to eat food.