How to Prepare For A Startup Interview

One of the most important aspects of prepping for an interview is making sure you have enough time. Time is everything. In order to have everything prepared – head on straight, research done, questions and responses all sorted out — you need to put in the time.

While preparing for an interview, consider the following tips: 

Do your research. Be cognizant of what it is the company does, how they do it, the mission, the goal, the product, the atmosphere, the culture, the people, and everything else you can uncover! To get familiar with the company, thoroughly investigate their website, read recent articles, follow them on Twitter and Facebook and sign up for their newsletter. Afterwards, you’ll have an understanding of the way they speak about themselves, which will prove to your interviewers you are fully invested. One cautionary note: if you’re asked a question you do not know the answer to, do not lie. A smart hiring manager will see right through you. If you are going to work your butt off preparing and researching, you may as well respond honestly. This shows that you are coachable and adaptable, which are leadership qualities companies value.

Understand the role you are interviewing for. What is the job? What are the responsibilities? Why would you be a solid fit with the company? What are some examples of your past work that demonstrate your worth as an employee? Said another way, what do you have to offer to the company? Also, take advantage of LinkedIn. Use this tool to find out who works at the company, what their backgrounds are and gain an understanding of who you’d be working with. What are some similarities between employees? Do they have a variety of backgrounds? How does your skill set fit in with the team? You may be surprised by how many people you are somehow connected with in the company. Utilize these connections to gain additional insight into the company or role. It’s always a plus to have the inside scoop before the interview.

Have questions ready. If you do your research and discover something you don’t understand, write it down. Afterwards, think about questions you can ask to make sure this job would be as good a fit for you as you are for it. Be curious and interested and turn the interview into a discussion, rather than the interviewer simply running through a list of questions.

Overall, understand that an interview is one of the few places where it is certain that you will be judged. Bring your “A” game to your startup interview - before, during and after. And don’t forget to follow up with a thank you. Good luck! 



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