IdeaPaint and Startup Institute: Collaborating on Better Innovation

We’re on day five of our Spring 2015 program and the energy from this new group of budding startup enthusiasts is palpable. Our students are team-oriented problem-solvers, eager to roll-up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in building, designing, storytelling, and networking. And now, their collaborative work environments can match their talent and creativity. This week, we announced an exciting new partnership with IdeaPaint, leader in workplace collaboration technology. IdeaPaint will be providing its signature dry erase paint to all Startup Institute locations worldwide-- allowing us to turn our classroom walls and workspaces into boundless canvases for ideas and innovation. For our students, this sponsorship will facilitate collaborative ideation, allowing them to brainstorm, share, and build upon ideas for products and business solutions; IdeaPaint will get these creators to their feet to bring these plans to life. As our CEO Diane Hessan remarked:

Every day, we teach our students new skills, challenge their current thinking, and ask them to collaborate on the problems they need to solve. With IdeaPaint in our classrooms, our students can work faster and smarter in a far more creative and powerful learning environment.

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Our Boston campus was the first to get its IdeaPaint makeover; the classroom underwent the same chromatic shift that our website got just two months ago. Our bright new brand colors “true-up” the space, to reflect the vibrant stories, personalities, and talents of the aspiring innovators who’ve made it their home for the next two months. IdeaPaint even designated cozy wall real estate with a campfire decal to celebrate our daily fireside chats with founders and leadership with our partner companies.

IdeaPaint makes collaborative work environment
IdeaPaint makes collaborative work environment

In addition painting our campus’ red (...and blue, and green, and yellow), IdeaPaint is offering exclusive discounts to Startup Institute partners and alumni. Alumni will be able to bring these discounts with them to whatever new companies they join as champions of the same solution-focused creativity that they drew upon as students.

Jen Reddy, CMO of IdeaPaint observed that this partnership is a “win/win” for the Startup Institute community and for IdeaPaint, and our missions to inspire innovation and collaboration are well-aligned:

IdeaPaint was created to make people work better, together: to solve problems, to innovate faster, to bring out the creativity that lives inside all of us. We are excited to have our product be a part of the Startup Institute experience.

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