Immigration Resources to Support Talent Without Borders

The greatest challenge for any early-stage company is finding the right talent to champion their mission and secure growth. At Startup Institute, we believe the right talent comes in all forms-- from all backgrounds and geographies-- which is why we’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Migreat.

Migreat is an online platform dedicated to providing personalized visa assistance; facilitating immigration and integration efforts for hundreds of skilled-migrants and entrepreneurs over the past three years. Offering individualized checklists, one-on-one legal consultations, visa resources, and help for integrating into communities, Migreat supports future and existing immigrants as they build new lives and networks.

Startup Institute’s relationship with Migreat represents a great stride in fulfilling our mission to close the talent gap by bringing great entrepreneurial talent to high-growth companies in London and Berlin. Helping individuals to develop the skills, cultural acumen, and network access to thrive in startup careers, Startup Institute has empowered over 800 graduates from around the globe in navigating their new tech communities. Migreat will make it possible for Startup Institute to springboard even more gifted people into high-impact startup careers.

High-growth companies don't scale without high-quality talent. Better resources for getting visas allow more talented people from around the globe to bring their talents to the places that need them most. We believe this makes sense for the global startup community as a whole, and Migreat’s platform is the better solution that skilled-migrants need. Migreat's Director of Partnerships, Josephine Goube, agrees that Startup Institute is a great choice for skilled-migrants: “if you were looking for an exciting next step in your career and abroad, Startup Institute can help you to immerse yourself in the startup culture and build a professional network in your new city.”

Interested in bringing your talents to a startup community that needs them? Visit to get your visa questions answered, and apply to our 8 week program now.

Photo Credit: Kai Schreiber via Flickr cc