My Foray Into Launching A Data-Powered Pregnancy App

It is day two of the Ovia Pregnancy app launch and it just became the best new app in the Apple App Store’s medical category.

Yesterday, the Ovuline team was literally jumping up and down, screaming, and taking beaming photos. Just a few hours earlier, they broke out mimosas when the app jumped to number five on the free app charts.

This recognition is the type of success every startup wants. It has been a year in the making for Ovuline, the Techstars company behind the big data-powered app that uses smart technology to give women ultra-personalized, unique feedback on their pregnancies.

Every student is paired with a partner company at Startup Institute to work on an eight-week project, usually in groups of four with one person from each track: web development, technical marketing, sales, and product and design. I was lucky enough to get assigned to Ovuline four weeks ago as they geared up for their launch. With my background in PR and content—and a few consumer tech launches under my belt—it was a mutually beneficial match.

After countless pitches, press release drafts, product review guides, app store optimizations, product demos, and tweets, it was time to unveil the app to the world. And so far, the world seems to love it. The press articles are coming out; the five-star app store reviews are coming in too. 

VP of Product Gina Nebesar was stunned. “Oh my gosh, guys…I can’t believe that happened. I’m actually crying,” she kept repeating. This app is her baby - pun intended. “I’m so happy right now.” 

Launches are intense and exhausting but there is nothing better than seeing the tangible results of your efforts;, and at the same time freaking out over them with the people in the trenches with you. Even though I have only been supporting Ovuline for a few weeks, playing a part in their success feels awesome!

This is what startup life is all about.

Sarah A. Downey is a writer and PR person. She is currently in the Technical Marketing track at Startup Institute Boston. Say hello to her on Twitter at @SarahADowney and blogs at