Our Story - Why we created the Startup Institute

The Startup Institute prepares recent college graduates for jobs in startups, and our inaugural class begins June 13th. Every day we hear from founders that they need more talent to grow their companies.  This is not surprising given where we sit within the ecosystem (disclaimer: we operate the TechStars Boston program).  We know this is no easy task.  Companies frequently lack the time to fully train people and often find that new hires don’t know how to have an impact.  While it is a time-honored tradition that startup people have to learn to jump in and do anything it takes, we thought we might be able to ease that path for everyone involved.

We created the Startup Institute to offer a free, six-week immersive program to train recent college grads to be highly productive at startups they join and to see all the amazing startups that exist here in Boston.

Students want to join companies where they can have an impact and feel part of team but sometimes find it hard to break into the startup scene.  Most startups don’t have the budget or staff to do full-time recruiting so often remain hidden from the students when they are looking for their first job.  Startup Institute want to fix this.  The interest from students has been through the roof, and we’re incredibly pleased with the quality of applicants.


"It’s great to know that there are people like you out there looking out for the people like me who need a little help jumping into the Boston startup scene =)." - S. Flanagan

Startup Institute teaches people the culture, pace, framework and skills that truly matter in today’s startup economy; and does so through real experience.  With the help of Mark Chang, (who is awesome!!) we’ve been focusing heavily on delivery of our six-week curriculum.

"We’re crafting a program that emphasizes learning through practice. By making things as experiential as possible, the things our students hear and read become real through doing. It sticks to their bones. Nothing motivates learning like the dire need to know how to get something done." - Mark Chang

Our graduates will understand what they’re getting into, specific needs of a startup job, and will arrive in a company on day 1 with the context and know-how to be highly productive.

Hearing enthusiasm from students and companies throughout the community gets us thinking we’re on the right path.


"After our talk, I felt so pumped for graduation and can’t wait to work my butt off for something I love." -N.Wang

Right now we’re still rounding out our curriculum and would welcome people from the community to participate and deliver lessons that are important to them.  If you’re a professional who has a natural inclination to teach and mentor, we’d love to hear from you. Each touch point throughout the program is an opportunity to engage, evaluate and mentor Boston’s best young talent.

If you want to help, we invite you to join in the fun!

Things we need help with: (1) continue to send great applicants to www.StartupInstitute.com

(2) if you run a startup and have suggestions about what people should know on day one, send them our way! (3) if you are a company that wants to be involved, we’d also love to hear from you.

Here is how to get in touch: Twitter:  @StartupInst Email: info@StartupInstitute.com

- The Startup Institute Team