Part-time Front-End & Back-End Web Dev Programs coming to Chicago this Month!


Ever wanted to dive into code without taking a full-time course or spending a substantial amount of money? Here’s your chance! RampUp is launching its first Chicago program on Thursday, March 27th after its success throughout Boston and NYC.


What is it?

RampUp is part-time community-driven learning experience that combines online resources, in-person meetings and teaching mentors (TMs) to help students build technical skills from the ground up. Students learn in cohorts, which are small groups that each have a designated TM for the entirety of the course. These cohorts allow every student to have 1-on-1 time while also collaborating with fellow students. Team-based projects will allow all students to build a professional portfolio of work. 

RampUp has two tracks: Front-End Web Development and Back-End Web Development. Front-End covers and into to HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Back-End covers the fundamentals of web development through Python and Ruby. To learn more, check out:

When is it? 

RampUp will be held every Thursday evening at approximately 7pm at the Startup Institute (405 W Superior St). Students are expected to commit to 2 hours of class time plus 8-12 hours of solo work outside of class.

How much will it cost? 

There are two payment options for RampUp students. The first is $250 per month with no long-term commitment. The full program is approximately 4 months, but some students may want additional time to develop skill sets. The second is $850 for 4 months. This long-term commitment therefore provides students with a discount. 

Is RampUp right for me? 

Are you a Front-End developer, CS major with an outdated language set, college student looking for a new challenge, or even someone completely new to code? Great! RampUp is accessible to all levels of students, provided that the student is community-oriented, is both a learner and a teacher, and above all else, has a continual desire to learn. 

All of our content is directly applicable in the job market. You don’t have to learn on your own just because you need to learn on your own time. 

Interested in applying? 

Visit to sign up for the next cohort! If you have more questions not covered by the website, feel free to e-mail

Looking instead to be a Teaching Mentor (TM) for Front-End or Back-End Web Development? E-mail for more information. Liz Flynn is the RampUp Operations Associate at Startup Institute Chicago.