Part-time RampUp Program Comes to NYC Campus


Having launched on our Boston campus in December to great success, we’re really excited to announce that our part-time RampUp is coming to our New York campus later this Summer. RampUp is designed as a blended learning experience in which students learn the fundamentals of web development with combined, online and in-person components. Succinctly, RampUp is a part-time, deep dive into the in-demand skill set in web development. Our first program to launch in NYC is focused on teaching Python & Django before moving into Rails. Applications are now open!

Impactful Blended Learning

We know that online learning is difficult. It’s hard to stay motivated to complete a program. At Startup Institute, we believe that learning is a social experience that requires an in-person component to keep motivation strong. There’s definitely something special about being physically present, it holds a certain accountability to a group and to yourself. RampUp synthesizes the best resources from around the web, forms an in-person community centered around learning, and challenges each student to advance their individual skill set at their own pace.

Community Oriented

RampUp is created and run by the local tech community. Our RampUp curriculum was designed by industry practitioners within the tech community and the program is actively run by community members as well. Our Teacher-Mentors (TMs) facilitate the weekly in-person component, making sure to help you through road-blocks. During the day, our TMs are working practitioners, current undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni of our core Startup Institute program.

Individualized Approach

The traditional classroom setting does not typically accommodate a wide range of ability levels. At RampUp, we acknowledge that everyone is has their own unique skill set. Leaning on support from our TMs, the curriculum is individualized to a particular students’ skill set. This differentiated approach ensures that everyone is advancing forward at a comfortable pace for them.

If you want to learn more about RampUp in NYC, send us an email at or send in your application today!