Why Your Path to Career Change Runs Through Tech City

In 2014, 27% of all job-growth in London was rooted in the tech sector-- the most rapidly growing industry in all UK. If you’re a career-changer or aspiring innovator looking for a more meaningful and dynamic role than bureaucratic corporates, Tech City is a beacon-- promising creativity, and a unique ability to make a deeper impact. And yet, scarcity of talent to match the opportunities available is the greatest obstacle to London’s future as an innovation superstar. Startup Institute launched in London this past autumn with a mission to mind the talent gap. Our first cohort finished at the close of the year as they pitched their experiences, qualifications, and goals to a room full of eager CEOs and hiring managers looking to claim their shares of the skilled-up and startup-ready talent. Since graduation, we’ve been giddy to hear from these new alumni each week as they’ve been landing great new jobs in the high-growth sector.

One recent cause for celebration was the news of Laura Robinson’s (photo above) offer from TrueUp, #1 in London growth-hacking. Laura came to us from a background in corporate recruiting. Though she was incredibly successful as a head-hunter, she realized that she was no longer inspired. “The one thing keeping me going was my love for tech,” she told The Startup Magazine in a recent interview. “I longed to return to a workplace that was nimble, encouraged creativity, rapid progress, and focused on results rather than titles.”

Laura was an all-star student and crushed it at our Talent Expo. She gained attention and interest from a number of our hiring partners by her 60-second pitch about her superpower-- helping companies to understand data and the psychology of their users. In the end, she accepted the growth-hacking opportunity at TrueUp, deciding this was the best match for her sharp performance marketing skills. Laura’s advice to other corporate refugees thinking of making the career change? Don’t waste time. “Technology is constantly evolving, so dive into it now and learn as you go.”