Preparing Students for the Startup Life - A Post from uTest

This post comes from Fumi Matsumoto and our partners at uTest. It’s the support from our partners, like uTest, and the deep company involvement in the program that allows our students to have such rich experiences. To learn more about how you can be an instructor or your company can become a partner, please visit our website and get involved today.

The Project Team from SIB at uTest HQ

uTest is always looking to contribute to the climate of innovation in Massachusetts. As a startup that is continuously growing, we’ve benefited from the uptick in startup culture that’s filtered into the bay state over the past few years, and we believe it’s important to give back and nurture that community.

Of course, that is the main reason why uTest has been working with the Startup Institute as a “founding partner” since the start of their program this past summer. We’ve worked with their staff to provide both informal marketing presentations and formal, structured technical sessions for students in both summer and fall sessions. We also hosted the school’s project team at our headquarters, where they met many of our staff from across the organization in order to gain a deeper understanding of our business for their project. Through it all, we’ve tried to help provide SIB students with insight and skills to prepare them for their startup careers and beyond.

While giving back is certainly at the heart of our involvement with SIB, we also have very practical reasons for our partnership. In short, it’s been professionally rewarding to uTest. We are always on the look-out for more talent because, as a startup, we always want to do more, expand faster, and continue trending upward. It’s no secret that companies are vigorously competing to get the best people, and we appreciate that SIB is providing a community with more eligible candidates.

uTest has benefited directly from those candidates – in fact, we hired a product manager from the SIB pool of student workers. Michael had no prior industry experience when we hired him. However, he was able to ramp up quickly and today he leads the tester-facing features for our core uTest platform. Just this past week, we all celebrated a big milestone for Michael, as we launched the new HTML/Javascript-based application for testers, a project which Michael led.

uTest’s partnership with SIB has also been personally rewarding. The opportunity to interact with ambitious folks who want to make a difference has been extremely gratifying.  The instructional sessions with the SIB students have even helped me improve the way I teach and mentor. As I tell my team at uTest, everything is a work-in-progress, and we should all strive for continuous improvement. I’ve seen no better example of this than the students at SIB. I have been extremely impressed with their passion, intelligence, and work ethic to continually improve and absorb as much as they can during their 6-week curriculum.

So as their second session comes to an end, I want to congratulate the staff and students of the Startup Institute. You are all off to a great start – on behalf of everyone at uTest – here’s to a long, fruitful partnership.