RampUp Programs Launch in New York, Boston & Chicago

RampUp is a part-time Startup Institute program that offers both back-end and front-end web development courses. RampUp started in Boston in 2013 and has now expanded to both New York City and Chicago. Students learn in small groups—or cohorts—with a teaching mentor (TM). These teaching mentors are well-versed in web dev and immersed within their local tech communities. We even have some very talent SI alumni who have dedicated their time to these teaching roles.

Who should join RampUp?

Our RampUp students come from many different backgrounds. Some have always mused about learning web development, but never had the time; others realize that this knowledge may help them in their current position.

RampUp is geared towards anyone who wants to learn, regardless of existing skill level. Furthermore, the cohorts meet in person for only two hours once a week. Students complete labs and homework on their own time with remote help from their TMs. RampUp becomes a great option even for those who have a full-time job. Want to hear about the RampUp experience directly from a student? Dennis Yip answered some frequently asked questions.

When can I start?

On April 24th, new back-end and front-end cohorts are launching in Boston. This same day, Chicago will start a new front-end cohort, and New York will begin in May. Not sure you want to commit yet? Come try the first class (no strings attached) and see what you think!

What’s next?

Soon, the Learning Center will be a free source of updated resources and short lessons sourced through our knowledgeable TMs. This way, you can start learning before you even step into the classroom and continue to learn long after you leave. Additionally, keep an eye out for upcoming Javascript-focused cohorts.

Can’t start in April? More front-end and back-end cohorts will launch in all cities on May 29th, and new classes start every month.