Startup Institute adds a Venture track

(This was an April Fool’s Joke… haha!) As the Summer classes of Startup Institute fill up in both New York and Boston, one striking change has been made to the previously, four-track immersive startup experience. Starting in June 2013, a Venture track will be added to the program, equipping passionate individuals with the skills, network, and mindset to make an immediate impact on the venture capital firm they’ll join.

“Taking direction from student/venture hybrid programs like General Catalyst’s Rough Draft Ventures as well as First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund, our program provides a practical entry point into the world of venture,” says Shaun Johnson, co-founder of Startup Institute. While contained within the eight weeks format of the program, the Venture track sits alongside the Web Development, Sales & Business Development, Technical Marketing, and Product & Design track in an interesting way.

Venture track students are taught to source deals right from the start, beginning with the bets they place on their professional network. Although all Startup Institute students come out well networked and interconnected with one another, Venture track students are restricted to taking 3  coffee meetings, 2 drinks at the bar, and ultimately selecting a singular person out of a 60 person class to invest in. Their investment will be leveraged up to 10x tuition paid, with their student peers acting as Limited Partners, or financial backers. “There’s a lot riding on the experience I’ll get in the Venture track; I’ve dreamt of playing Fred Wilson (of Union Square Ventures) and investing in a Dennis Crowley (of foursquare), but this is my real shot,” says a graduating senior from Columbia University.

Startup Institute is treating this curriculum change as a Series Seed investment. “We’ll follow on based on performance but for now, we’re keeping the Venture track pretty lean & selective,” says Aaron O’Hearn, co-founder & CEO of Startup Institute. Lean & Selective, indeed, with there being only 5 seats available in the Venture track, versus the standard 15 per track.

If you are interested in applying to the Venture Capital track of Startup Institute Boston or New York, apply today and add the hashtag, #LearnToDueDiligence in the “How Did You Hear About Us” section. Selections will be made once the best candidates are selected.