Startup Institute Students Have “It”

(Brian Dant was a Startup Institute Boston student who made a career leap into the startup community. He is now a Web Developer at Startup Institute.  Brian thrives on the courage and humility of his friends, and is a shamelessly committed code geek.)

Startup Institute Students Have “It”

“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.” (Mark Twain)

You’ve felt it.  You’re assigned to a project and see that person on your team.  Seeing them brings a little jolt of adrenaline and inspiration.  You start to get that sense — “ok, we’re gonna get some serious stuff done here.”  Their presence instills a sense of confidence and faith because you know they have “it”.  

My good friend, fellow student, and the ever-insightful Max Thayer recently described “it” as Hustle, and concluded that Hustle is the fundamental resource of the startup ecosystem.

“It’s a foundational mindset that enables all of what we do: Give me time and the will to power, and I will move mountains.”

As I started Startup Institute Boston, I wondered about the students.  How much talent could this “school” find in just it’s second class?  Would their technical skills exceed mine?  Would they be academics, or would they be makers?  Would they have “it”?  Would they be fluff, in it only for the connections?  

I haven’t been surprised by the intelligence in the room, or the number of degrees — these things are easy to come by in Boston.  But, I have been shocked by the number of people who SIB found who have “it”.  The intensity of my classmates fills me with adrenaline and inspiration.  I sense it everyday.  You’d sense it if you were here.  They identify problems, passionately seek knowledge, are constantly hacking and iterating, and fearlessly look over the edge and wonder what’s beyond. [1]

To my fellow students:  Thank you.  Thank you for challenging me, supporting me, and bringing “it”.  Thank you for digging deep, and for the life you’ve lived to cultivate who you are.  You are my people.

To those of you who have “it”:  Take heart — there’s a place for you.  There’s a place that values you, and what you can make, not just your resume.  Maybe you’re a future Startup School student.  Maybe not.  But, know this:  The startup community wants you.  Take every ounce of “it” that you have.  Cultivate it.  Nurture it.  And know that it matters.  A lot.  

Thank you, Startup Institute Boston. Thank you for finding me. Thank you for finding Max, Carolyn, Lucy, Sam, Kevin, Katherine, Eric, and the 50 other makers in this room. Thank you for ushering us into the startup ecosystem, where webelong.

[1] This thought was inspired by a SIB presenter, the Hacker Chick, Abby Fichtner