Stoked on Startup School - Why I'm Joining the Inaugural Class

by Annaliese Godderz 

Why the Startup Institute? As a Boston University philosophy major and sociology minor, how in the world did I end up here?  Anish Kattukaran, my great friend and freshman year mentor decided he was going to help me get a job, took me to a BostInno networking event, I made a few connections, made some follow-ups and voila! I started an internship with Jeffrey Peden at Cravelabs.  The first day Jeff gave me a long list of possible routes for my internship so that I could get a taste of various components of working at a startup… and now I can’t stop taste-testing!

When I first heard of the Startup Institute from a friend, I thought, “Well this isn’t something I need since I have such an awesome internship.”  But after learning a little bit more about Startup Institute and talking to Jeff, I realized where my internship fell short and how Startup School could jumpstart my career.

Not only am I limited by the short five-hour workdays once a week at Cravelabs, I am also the only intern. Sure, I go to as many networking events as I can handle with my busy scholastic schedule (which is almost complete- horray!), but these gatherings are generally not composed of recent graduates beginning their careers. And they are certainly not as intensive as the eight-hour workdays I’m about to share with my fellow peers at the Startup Institute.

Before I started working for Jeff, Anish asked me what I want to do with my future.  At the time, I didn’t have a clue, and sometimes I still feel that way.  However, beginning to discover my true passions and talents through discussions with the people Startup School and other professionals have really helped shape my thought processes.  This “ongoing conversation,” which is seems to be a big part of the Startup School program, has significantly strengthened my ability to hone-in on developing my skills and dreams for my future.

Now, with thirteen days ‘til graduation, I’ve never been more excited!  Sure, I’ll miss BU and college life.  But I’m just looking forward to starting my career in a city that I love, in this incredibly supportive, fun, energetic atmosphere where I thrive, to meet 60-80 new friends to begin this new chapter in our lives together.  It’s not easy transitioning from the safe confines of college to professional life, but Startup School is providing me with a challenging and rewarding segue into my future, and I’ve never been more stoked!