Supporting the Growth of Startups

Hiring the right team members who can accelerate your company growth is imperative for all startups. From my work at the Kauffman Foundation I know all too well that failure rates in startups are still high. In a startup, every person hired is important, and a bad hire can be deadly. I also care about jobs and therefore building the capability for more people to secure a job is great for our economy. That is why I have decided to work with Startup Institute to help them scale.  Startup Institute wants to help the right people secure the right job with the right company.  Universities don’t provide you either the skills, mindset or understanding of how to contribute to the growth of a nimble company ready to scale - where ever single person must bring their A game to succeed.  If you have worked at a big company, Startup Institute is the opportunity to retool your IQ and EQ for working in a smaller company.

I am psyched about supporting Aaron and the team at Startup Institute.  I will be talking to some of you about coming to your city soon.

Until then, if someone you know has asked about joining a startup, you should encourage them to apply for one of Startup Institute’s spring classes.


Lesa Mitchell is the Founder of Network for Scale, a company that advises early stage companies in order to reduce the failure rate of firms and enable scale.  Before starting her own venture, Lesa was the Vice President of Innovation & Networks for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. You can reach Lesa on twitter @lesamitchell.