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Startup Institute Students Join the Tribe at Tribe for a Sales and Marketing Hack

The team at Chicago startup company Tribe was founded when two Startup Institute instructors started discussing their project management challenges. Now, Tribe's enlisted the help of our marketing and sales students to hack their target customer and sales strategy. Read on to learn about their hack and takeaways.

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Career Success Story: Charles Chuman's Path to High-Growth Sales

Charles Chuman worked in media, energy policy, and politics before pivoting his career to work in startup sales. We interviewed Charles to hear about his life as a sales executive at ContextMedia:Health and for advice on launching a sales career in Chicago's innovation sector.

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The Six Characteristics of Successful Employees at Rapidly Growing Companies

We all know culture fit is important at a company, but how important? According to our research, 92% of company executives believe that culture skills-- so called "soft skills"-- are as or more important than technical expertise. Read on to learn which 6 culture skills are most valued by entrepreneurial leaders.

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