Thinking About Startups? 9 Things You Need to Know

Working at a startup is exciting and fast paced. This industry is full of people that care about you, but even more importantly, they care about where you are going.

My recent jump into startups has been jam-packed with useful information, great networking events and fantastic speakers. If you are thinking about startups, here are a few common themes that constantly resurface throughout the startup world.

  1. Culture.  Each startup has its own specific culture. This is important to understand whether you are looking to join or create a startup.

  2. Teamwork. Startups really work and  play as a team. Win or lose, everything is about the team.

  3. Passion.  The startup world is driven by extremely passionate people. If you are just looking for a “cool” job, that is great, but startups are much more than that. They are comprised  of extremely talented individuals who are passionate about a product or an idea, and are willing to go to bat for it. This passion is contagious and is ingrained in startup culture.

  4. Community.  The startup community is incredibly connected, and not only as companies, but also as individuals. It truly is like one big family!

  5. Reciprocity. Startups have a “pay it forward” mentality and it is amazing to see how much they are willing to help each other. If you join a startup, remember to give and take.

  6. YOU matter. You are not just a number, and the value of your ideas are not based on your title.

  7. Authenticity. Startups love you for who you are. This is crucial here – there is no need for you to try to be someone you are not.

  8. Flexibility. Startups may need you to fulfill more than one role. Be open to wearing multiple hats… at the same time!

  9. Work hard, play hard. Startups have something going on at all times. You will work hard and you will put in a lot of hours, but you will have fun. Fun usually involves a happy hour.

Above all, remember that you bring a lot to the table. Your unique experiences, personality and vision will contribute to a specific culture at a startup.  Do not be afraid to keep looking until you find that harmony.


Monica has worked at both a Fortune 500 company and also managed a small traditional business. She is a passionate problem solver and wants to make an impact on society in a big way. Currently, Monica is a Technical Marketing student at Startup Institute Boston. Say hello to her @MonicaAngelRey.