We have Launched!

The Startup institute is excited to announce its official launch and the start of its inaugural class. The school aims to prepare recent college graduates for life working at a startup; and more specifically how to deliver and make progress in an environment filled with unknowns and various resource constraints. Over the past few months we have reviewed hundreds of applications and worked hard to get to know each candidate. The result is our first class of 75, hand-selected ambitious individuals ready to embark on an adventure and join a local startup company with our help.

From their experience in TechStars Boston and Project 11 the founders of the Startup Institute saw a gap in the ecosystem: startups were looking for talent but struggled to find it. Startup Institute set out to leverage the renewable resource of graduating seniors here in Boston to fill this gap by adding to the education of entrepreneurial-minded Gen-Yers. Startup Institute is designed to provide hard skills and develop soft skills that one would only receive on the job at a startup, and to do so well before being hired.

We’re also thrilled to announce hiring partnerships with nine Boston-area companies across a variety of categories, including: e-commerce, mobile applications, health care informatics, and advertising technology. Each company will engage with and screen the Startup Institute’s talented pool of participants from our web development, product & design, technical marketing and sales & business development tracks. These partnerships are designed to provide company-specific knowledge and evaluation opportunities over the six-week program to help students and partners identify the best match between great hires and great jobs. 

“The Startup Institute is a fantastic opportunity for me to work with new college grads who’ve been hand-picked to go through an intensive, 6-week, full-time program that trains them on real-world, startup-focused skills.  It’s hugely beneficial to meet students that I can hire, but more significantly, it adds phenomenal depth to Boston’s startup ecosystem talent pool.”

-        Sravish Sridhar, CEO and Founder of Kinvey

 (Hiring partners listed alphabetically)

BrightcoveDyn, IncFiksuKyruusKinveyRue La La SwipelyTrip AdvisoruTest

Additionally, we’re incredibly grateful to have support from Fairhaven Capital,  Goodwin ProctorSilicon Valley Bank and Microsoft that make Startup Institute possible. 

"As believers in the startup ecostystem, we are supportive of the talented student pool in Boston both by investing in their highly disruptive technologies and businesses as well as by hiring them into our portfolio companies. The Startup Institute is a very exciting program, which helps students bridge the gap between their academic training and their entrepreneurial aspirations and we are proud to be part of it."

- Rudina Seseri, Partner - Fairhaven Capital

The Startup Institute will publish activity from the program through its Media Channel on BostInno.com. To learn more about the program and its upcoming Fall class, follow @StartupInst on Twitter or visit www.startupinstitute.com