What don’t I know? Plenty! But here’s to crossing things off the list.

[Jingni Wei is a senior at Boston College and was a summer associate at the Startup Institute Boston]


As a college graduate, you paid a large amount on an education that serves as the foundation of success for the rest of your life. I am in the process of making this investment myself as a senior majoring in Economics and Computer Science at Boston College. Perhaps you are like me; you sense you did not learn the skills you need to be successful in the workplace in your economics theories class. The list of what I don’t know is long. So like most rising seniors, I sought out an internship this past summer in order to achieve a truly well-rounded education through the addition of outside work experience. For me, this opportunity ended up being a Summer Associate position at Startup Institute Boston

In complete contrast to my college courses, my experience with SIB was supercharged with learning practical skills. Giddy like a kid in a candy store, I was thrilled to commute into work which took roughly totaled over 3 hours a day. Once I arrived, I had the chance to not only work with the team to organize the inaugural class of SIB, but also learn as a student in the Web Development track. My days were spent soaking up the latest in Web development frameworks taught by fluent practitioners that are leading some of Boston’s most promising startups. At the same time, I was running media content for the Startup Institute Boston and was able to cross something of my “What I Don’t Know” list every day. Getting the chance to work and learn on a team with two brilliant founders that are driving innovation in this city was an experience that I couldn’t have gotten in any classroom.

There is something different between the energies of the Startup Institute and college. With an emphasis on learning practical skills at my internship, I was able to embrace what I did not know. I was empowered by all the help and resources I had access to as a student and associate at the Startup Institute.

Going into my last year of school, I don’t know where I will end up after graduation. That’s one thing I can’t cross of my list just yet. Though I do know I will be seeking a company that will encourage me to embrace what I do not know in the same way the Startup Institute has, so that I can become better everyday.

If you feel as though your work is not pushing you to grow and to become better, then perhaps it’s time to look into the Startup Institute. Imagine what you can cross of your own list if you just know where to look.

Apply to Startup Institute in New York and Boston. Summer session starts in June. The sooner you apply the better your chances of getting in.