Why I Teach At Startup Institute

Startup Institute is privileged to be part of a growing community of founders, investors, advisors and instructors who contribute their time and expertise to our programs.

Ellen Chisa, a product manager at Kickstarter, recently wrote a blog post on her website about why she teaches. She offers great insight about instructing others as well as her experience with Startup Institute

Here is an excerpt of her post: 

"After I started at Kickstarter, people started reaching out to me to ask how to be a Product Manager at a tech startup. Mostly, the people who reached out to me wanted to avoid having to learn how to code, or do design, but wanted to be in the tech startup environment. As someone who pursued an engineering degree and a bunch of design classes, this was more than a little frustrating. Understanding engineering and design are really the core of making great products." - Ellen Chisa

Special thanks to Ellen for supporting Startup Institute and for permitting Startup Institute to repost our blog. To read her full post, click here


If you or someone you know is interested in serving as an instructor in technical marketing, sales & business development, product & design or web development, drop us a line at info [at] startupinstitute.com. Make sure to say hello to Ellen on Twitter @ellenchisa.