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How to Start a Successful Blog

Whether you're writing as an individual or representing a brand, there are a wide variety of reasons to begin a blog. Regardless of what your motivations happen to be, starting a blog and starting a successful blog are two entirely different things. Here are a few key tips to get you started.

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5 Key CRM Features to Have on Your Radar

The complex technology of CRM systems is changing all the time. Companies have already had to consider many changes in 2017, facing the important decision to either switch out CRM systems or build onto existing platforms. Take a look at these new features in CRM technology, and decide what aspects could benefit your business.

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Sidney Baptista: From IT Consultant To Growth Manager At Breather

As the growth manager for the on-demand workspace company Breather, Sidney Baptista gets to work in a rapidly evolving field. However, his career path wasn't always pointing him toward this role. Instead, a significant change took him into the world of marketing.

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Marketing Analytics: Bringing It All Together

When someone hears that I’m entering the marketing field, their response typically sounds something like this: “Wow, good for you! But what exactly is marketing?” Well, as Sarah Hodges (our fantastic instructor for analytics) put it, marketing doesn’t really have a specific definition: it can be anything from creating leads to bring through the sales funnel, to doing market research and product development, to researching competitors. With such a broad range of responsibilities, it’s easy to lose track of what benefits a marketing campaign actually has. That’s where analytics come in!

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