Our digital marketing track will train you to become a comprehensive digital marketer: performance and content marketing, plus a focus on generating actionable insights from data analytics.




Marketing is about anticipating a customer’s needs and then creating the opportunity for a sale to occur.

Today’s digital marketers are tasked with designing campaigns that speak to multiple audience segments, inspiring them into action, and measuring the results to make data-fueled business decisions.

Marketers in the innovation industry are scrappy, creative, and agile—able to drive big growth on a small budget and with limited resources. Our digital marketing track will train you to be a self-sufficient marketer, whose aim is to help a company increase their customer base by a factor of 10. Lesson delivery focuses on relevant industry tools like Google Analytics, AdWords, and Mailchimp. You’ll get hands-on experience with SQL queries and implement SEO best practices on your own landing page and customized blog. To deliver on these goals, you’ll learn content strategies to organically improve your rankings.


Key Skills and Capabilities:

  • Email marketing and landing page optimization
  • Best practices for inbound and outbound marketing plans
  • Working with analytics platforms and SQL
  • Placing, testing, and optimizing paid advertising
  • Improving website visibility through content development and targeted keyword usage

You'll Learn Things Like:


Defining Your Target Market

Identifying a target customer allows marketers to efficiently and effectively focus their budget and brand message on a specific market that is most likely to buy their product. In this session, you’ll consider strategies for discovering product-market fit. You’ll learn how to conduct market research and analysis to develop an understanding of who your customers are and why they buy from you, and you’ll craft user personas to help bring these buyers to life.

The Lean, Mean, Marketing Machine

An effective marketing department will choose to focus on either demand generation or lead generation as the primary business-driver. Startups and rapidly growing companies tend to concentrate on lead generation strategies that focus on capturing the information of potential buyers. This session will discuss how messaging, promotions, and navigation paths are designed to funnel individuals through a form and into your database creating new contacts for your marketing and sales team to pursue.

Learn About Search Engine Optimization

Learn tips, tricks, and best practices for boosting your company’s rankings for organic search, while gaining a high-level understanding of how SEO fits into an content marketing strategy. We’ll discuss the nonstop evolution of the SEO landscape and proven tactics.

Lead Nurturing and Email Marketing

Find, engage, and convert new customers directly from their inbox. Learn to run a focused, targeted lead nurturing campaign that drives results by understanding email best practices and gain experience in marketing automation and segmentation.


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