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Account Management

The sales and account management track will prepare you to masterfully nurture a sales funnel, and to convert prospects into loyal customers.

Get the Sales and Account Management Syllabus

Get the Sales and Account Management syllabus

Our 8-week program will help you to build the technical skills, culture skills, and network that will launch you into the growing startup community. Check out our Sales and Account Management syllabus to learn more.

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Selling for high-growth requires resourcefulness. Salespeople at rapidly growing companies face very different challenges than their corporate counterparts. You may have to build your company’s sales process from scratch, or sell a product that is still in development. You may have to validate a market or industry on your own with few resources or guidance from leadership. Your role will demand an integrated approach, often working alongside marketing teammates to ensure a cohesive customer journey.

Our sales and account management track will train you to excel in the most critical revenue-driving role. From prospecting and lead generation to account management, you will learn that sales is both an art and a science.

The curriculum focuses on developing the essential skills for selling in the innovation sector, and provides tools and processes for managing the sales cycle. Lesson delivery emphasizes a practical and interactive approach, as salespeople from local companies share their expertise and lessons from their own experience. Instructional presentations are supported by hands-on challenges that invite students to engage with the tools, strategies, and problem-solving techniques that make it possible for salespeople to exceed their quotas.

Key Skills and Capabilities:

  • Customer engagement throughout the sales cycle

  • Objection handling and closing techniques

  • Inbound and outbound sales strategies and best practices

  • Managing long-term client relationships

  • Defining expectations and relationship building with your sales manager and team

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.

—Sheryl Sandberg

Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum brings students together across tracks for career-planning workshops, emotional intelligence (EQ) discussions, and cross-functional projects at local companies.

The Core is the heart of the Startup Institute experience, and it’s designed to cultivate the qualities that will take you from good to great. These qualities include: developing a growth mindset, excellence at cross-disciplinary collaboration, and cultivating a powerful network.

No matter which track you choose, all students receive the same Core Curriculum training.

Workshops and Cross-disciplinary Training:

  • Prepare to be a leader with exercises that challenge your weaknesses and strengthening your emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Take part in personal branding, résumé building, interviewing technique, and salary negotiation workshops

  • Solve real problems on a cross-disciplinary team on-site, one day a week, at one of our partner companies

  • Receive individualized mentoring that will address your career goals, develop action plans, and conquer roadblocks

  • Experience the power of our network by attending events designed to build real relationships with industry experts and partners

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Full Time Program

January 30 to March 24, 2017

Deadline 1:Nov 21, 2016$9,100

Deadline 2:Dec 12, 2016$9,300

Deadline 3:Jan 02, 2017$9,500

Part Time Program

April 29 to July 22, 2017

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Fundamental Skills Classes

Full Time Program

January 30 to March 24, 2017

Deadline 1:Nov 21, 2016$9,100

Deadline 2:Dec 12, 2016$9,300

Deadline 3:Jan 02, 2017$9,500

Part Time Program

January 7 to April 1, 2017

Deadline 1:Nov 07, 2016$9,100

Deadline 2:Nov 28, 2016$9,300

Deadline 3:Dec 19, 2016$9,500

Fundamental Skills Classes