About this Course:

Digital Marketing Bootcamp – Retool for the Digital Age

Offered by Startup Institute and FlexProfessionals this 4-week course will provide an immersive program for marketing professionals looking to retool their skills for today’s digital platforms. Today’s digital marketers are tasked with designing campaigns that speak to multiple audience segments, inspiring them into action, and measuring the results to make data-fueled business decisions. This course will teach you strategies leveraged by leaders in the digital space.  

Upon completion of the course, you will leave with working knowledge of Google Analytics, Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter Advertising, SEO, Google Adwords, Basic HTML and CSS, MailChimp, Email Marketing (Drip Campaign, Lead Funnel), Facebook and Twitter Analytics and Google SEM.  

The Best Part:

Graduates may be considered for short-term internships or longer-term part-time or flexible employment with Startup Institute or FlexProfessionals partners and clients.

Course Details

Classes begin on 1/23/18 and end on 2/13/18

Tuesdays from 9:00am - 2:30pm 

Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton

City Point

230 Third Avenue, 4th Floor, Waltham 


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