Our Instructors

All of our instructors come from industry. They bring our curriculum to life with relevant applications of the material and insights from their own experiences.

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Aaron Reinitz

Regional Manager - Enterprise Sales

Aimee Franco

UX/UI Designer - Caremerge

Alex Kahn

Software Engineer - Mac & Mia

Alissa Ampezzan

Senior Product Designer - Civis Analytics

Amanda Fakhreddine

Social Media & Content Manager - Jobcase

Amélie Lamont

Head of Design and UX - VenueBook

Amma Marfo

Speaker and Consultant - Fun Enterprises

Amy Sarah Eastment

User Researcher & Product Designer - Consultant

Andrew Borstein

Full-Stack Software Developer - WeSpire

Andrew Liwanag

SEO Manager - Iron Horse Holdings

Andy Angelos

Director of Insights - Manifest

Andy Cole

Consultant - South Street Strategy Group

Arsham Memarzadeh

Associate - OpenView Venture Partners

Blake Harris

Growth Strategy - OpenView Venture Partners

Brandon Hanks

Software developer - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Brandon Hickie

Market Strategy Manager - OpenView Venture Partners

Carly Rogers

VP Client services - Nanigans

Cece Bazar

Sales Strategist - OpenView Venture Partners

Chris Ladouceur

Creative Director - HapYak

Chris Bolin

Engineering Lead - Jumpshell

Chris Swenor

CEO and Co-Founder - East Coast Product

Chris Chiusano

Principal User Experience Designer - Autodesk

Conor Sheehan

Senior Experience Designer - Cantina

Craig Booth

DevOps Manager - Narrative Science

Craig Wortmann

CEO, Sales Engine | Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business

Damien Smith

Boston Community and Marketing Director - Yelp

Daniel Stair

Senior Engineer - Cazena

David Zabner

Software Engineer - Cazena

David Delmar

Founder - Resilient Coders

David Ohayon

IOS and Mac engineer - Twitter

David Gardner

Founder & CEO - ColorJar

Dean Dieker

Staff Engineer - Tapjoy

Derek Nelson

Partner - Clique Studios, LLC

Douglas Spencer

President - Spencer Brenneman

Eric Pitt

Community Manager - Opternative

Erin Wasson

VP of Marketing - UrbanBound

Erin Sagin

PPC Evangelist and Community Manager - WordStream

Ethan Puzarne

Software Engineer - Swipely

Evan DiLeo

Marketing Specialist - HubSpot

Gerardo Cid

Front-end Developer - IPsoft

Gideon Goldin

UX Architect & Product Manager - Tamr

Harvey Simmons

Digital Marketing Manager - Runkeeper

Isabella Patton

Data Scientist - Nutonian

Janina Tantoco

Senior Product Specialist - Nanigans

Jay Melone

CEO, Principal - New Haircut

Jeff Lyons

Operating Director - City Capital Advisors, LLC

Jeffrey Davis

Business Development Manager - Veritas Health

Jeffrey Spetter

Director of Business Development - Rippleshot

Jeremy Halpern

Partner & Director of Business Development - Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

Jesse Tremblay

Product Manager - Hudl

Jim McAvoy

Founder and President - JWMcAvoy & Company Ltd.

Joe Ranft

Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer - Cinch Financial

John Carmichael

Director of IT Operations - WeSpire

Jonathan Vaudreuil

Director of Business Development - InsightSquared

Joshua Ness

Co-Founder - StrategyHack

Joshua Walker

Co-Founder - Stattleship

JP Bonner

Owner - Co-op Consultancy

Katya Siddall

VP of Business Development - Syndio

Kelly Bowker

Product Manager - Codeship

Kevin Hsieh

Software Engineer - WeWork

Lena Prickett

Senior Content Marketing Manager - SnapApp

Lindsay Majane

Product Marketing Manager - Xively by LogMeIn

Lindsey Framer

Founder - Responsive Inbound Marketing

Lucas Mosele

Front-End Designer - Maxwell Health

Luís Ferreira

Co-Founder and Developer - Subvisual

Marco Morales

Product Designer - edX

Margot Mazur

Community Manager - Wistia

Mark McEachran

VP Product Management - Open Platform at the Rubicon Project

Mary Ashton Inglis

Software Developer - Eastern Labs

Matt Fleming

Marketing - Tamr

Matt Garms

General Manager, Membership - ContextMedia Health

Mike Taylor

CMO & Co-Founder - Ladder

Mike Eng

UX Designer

Mike Isman

Software Development Lead - Hudl

Milton Pacheco

Senior Experience Designer - Cantina

Miro Kazakoff

Co-Founder - Testive

Nicholas Lemieux

Founder - ArcaneLabs

Nora Brathol

Founder - Arka Pana Consulting

Paul Demers

Experience Designer - Cantina

Phil McMannis

Vice President of Product and Engineering - LogoMix

Rajiv Nathan

Cofounder & Ambassador of Awesome, - Idea Lemon

Raleigh Werner

Co-founder and Head of User Acquisition - Jumpshell

Rebecca Otis

Digital Marketing Strategist

Rick Desai

Co-founder - Dashfire

Ryan Kurt

Enterprise Sales Director - Narrative Science

Ryan Kelly

Growth Marketing Manager - Nanigans

Sam Harris

Co-founder - Tribe

Sarah Salbu

Director of Communities - ORIG3N

Sarah A. Downey

Principal & Director of Community - Accomplice

Scott Peterson

Founder & CEO - Carver Peterson Consulting

Stephen Wong

Mobile Development Apprentice - Intrepid Pursuits

Tanya Cashorali

Chief Data Officer - Stattleship

Tim Masek

Full-Stack & Full-Funnel Marketer - Ladder Digital

Timm Bloem

VP Business Development & Marketing - ColorJar

Tom Stearns

Founder - Tom Stearns Consulting

Trish Fontanilla

Director of Customer Experience - Freight Farms

Zach Carroll

Front-end Developer - Jet.com

Zack Blois

Demand Marketing Manager - Narrative Science

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Full Time Program

January 30 to March 24, 2017

Deadline 1:Nov 21, 2016$9,100

Deadline 2:Dec 12, 2016$9,300

Deadline 3:Jan 02, 2017$9,500

Part Time Program

January 7 to April 1, 2017

Deadline 1:Nov 07, 2016$9,100

Deadline 2:Nov 28, 2016$9,300

Deadline 3:Dec 19, 2016$9,500

Fundamental Skills Classes

Full Time Program

January 30 to March 24, 2017

Deadline 1:Nov 21, 2016$9,100

Deadline 2:Dec 12, 2016$9,300

Deadline 3:Jan 02, 2017$9,500

Part Time Program

April 29 to July 22, 2017

Coming in April 2017

Fundamental Skills Classes