18 Reasons to Be Thankful In Boston

I’m thankful for the startup community’s openness. A friend of mine who recently moved back to California used to comment how it can be difficult to know people in Boston. The one exception to that was the people in the tech community. They are always willing to sit down, chat and have a drink. 

  • I’m thankful for when the T finally shows up.
  • I’m thankful that Boston startups love and support our city. Days after the marathon bombing, an effort led by TUGG (who I am also thankful for) rallied the startup community and raised approximately $300,000 for the victims of that senseless tragedy.
  • I’m thankful that it is almost socially acceptable to wear shorts when it is 50 degrees in November.

Startup Institute has humble beginnings in the Boston tech community. We have grown from Boston Startup School to two additional domestic locations, Startup Institute New York and Startup Institute Chicago.  The Director of Startup Institute Boston, Allan Telio, offers his gratitude during this season of thanks, courtesy of BostInno.

Read the rest of Allan’s appreciation here.

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