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With our years of experience & success as the highest rated bootcamp in the country training people to succeed in the modern workforce, we are here to help you create an unforgettable student experience, improve student outcomes, energize corporate partners, increase alumni engagement, and provide modern, hireable skills for your graduates.

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  • Give students and graduates in-demand skills in Digital Marketing, Sales & Account Management, Web Development, UX & Web Design, Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the Startup Mindset, & Career Readiness Skills

  • Get corporate and startup partners engaging with students on-campus, creating opportunities to train and hire great candidates

  • Add the experiential learning benefits of an intensive bootcamp-style learning model to your educational program




Programs to Meet Your School's Needs:


Increase graduate employment & job performance

Our curriculum is developed in partnership with industry to teach in-demand skills so graduates can contribute on day one. Companies & industry practitioners get hands to teach, hire, and get projects done.


Engage & energize corporate partners

Corporate partners are a key part of each program: From real-world projects offered to students and providing instructors, to participating in curated hiring events.


Drive alumni engagement

Alumni participate as instructors and mentors, and return to represent the companies that hired them.

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Offer an unforgettable experience

With the highest student ratings in the US, engaging workshops, intensely challenging experiences, a new network for life, and an intense sense of accomplishment, graduates remember the unique experiences for years to come.


Content & Coursework in:

Digital Marketing

Performance, Social Media, & content marketing, SEO, data analytics, and customer segmentation.

Business Development & Account Management

Psychology of sales, inbound & outbound sales, pipeline development, closing, and relationship management.

Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Apply entrepreneurial principles to become an innovator within a company.

Career Readiness Skills

Networking, resume improvement, developing your personal narrative, and effective storytelling.

Web Development

Coding with modern web languages, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Git, APIs, cloud-based deployment, MVC basics, and AJAX.

UX & Web Design

Responsive UX/UI design, user research, rapid ideation, and front-end development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & jQuery.

The Startup Mindset

Learn what separates the good from the great: Develop communication skills, self-awareness, grit, collaboration skills, and more to thrive in ambiguity & high growth environments.


            Customizable Delivery Models  to Suit Your Needs:

  • Summer Programs

  • Nights & Weekends Programs

  • J-terms

  • Licensing Opportunities

  • Integration with Existing Programs

  • Certificate Programs

  • Online or In-person


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Together we can bring the best of all worlds to students, help people chase their full potential, and build a better, more passionate workforce.

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