Building a custom hackathon with Startup Institute gives you the ability to inject new ideas, tackle complex challenges, and energize your team by working with a cross-functional team of highly vetted students, or bring our well-tested methodologies to host your own internal event.

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Introducing Custom Hackathons
by Startup Institute

Get Access to Top Talent

Startup Institute is a highly selective innovation school that on average accepts the top 15% of applicants, most of whom come with years of professional experience in a wide range of industries.

Tap Into a Curated Network of Local Innovators Looking for Problems to Solve:

As a leader in the innovation space, you’re keenly aware that time is a premium resource. Every minute of every work day is valuable, but it’s often hard to dedicate enough time or resources to projects when you have teams to manage, and meetings to run.



Everything About Your Hackathon Will Be Built to Your Specifications


built from the ground up

The Startup Institute team will work with you to develop your hackathon and craft an engaging event tailored to best solve your complex business goals. We have all of the tools, and operations in place to make building programs around your specifications stress-free, and completely tailored to your goals. 


Engage your team

You’ll have teams competing against each other and the clock to produce research-backed ideas and prototypes while being encouraged to think outside the box for practical solutions. Custom hackathons by Startup Institute offer a unique experience for your staff to come together, solve problems, and ultimately collaborate more effectively. 



Custom hackathons built by Startup Institute offer far more than design, dev, marketing, and sales problem-solving. Our legacy has been built around growing mindsets, and nothing is more effective in developing successful mindsets within your team like immersive projects delivered by Startup Institute. 


Cohorts Include Students Enrolled in 4 Critical Tracks

Web Development

Ruby on Rails, App Development

Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, Analytics, Social Media, Email Marketing

Web Design

UX/UI, Responsive Design, Agile Methodologies

Sales and Business Development

Modern Strategies, Lead Generation, CRM Management


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