Join the Movement to Close the Opportunity Gap

Resilient Coders is a small organization with a big vision. This volunteer-based program is championing a mission to close the opportunity gap by making skills and jobs in tech more accessible to urban youth. Our Boston-based students worked alongside Resilient founder David Delmar (a favorite instructor in our web design track) during the Summer 2014 IdeaHack-- tasked with finding creative solutions to scale this movement and bring greater diversity to the tech community on a whole.

Resilient Coders has scaled, and the movement is growing into a strapping force. What was once a one-man show is now a team of five. Two of Resilient's all-star hackers-- Micah Martin and Fredy Melo-- want to take their coding skills to the next level and find great jobs in the tech scene, and have enrolled in our spring class. David and team have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their tuitions, and scholarships via Startup Institute and Yelp will match crowd-funding dollar-for-dollar until we've got these guys covered.

Take a look at the video, check out their campaign and spread the word about Resilient Coders. Visit Resilient's website to learn about more ways that you can join the movement. Hack the opportunity gap. The tech community needs more people with hustle like Micah and Fredy.[bctt tweet="Join the movement. Hack the opportunity gap with @resilientcoders #hacktivism"]