The Unglamorous Life of an Entrepreneur: Video Interview with CEO Diane Hessan

This video first appeared on Harvard Business Review's Facebook page. This week, Harvard Business Review's Curt Nickish invited CEO Diane Hessan to join him on #HBRLive for a live-streamed interview revealing the unglamorous life of an entrepreneur.

Diane opens by painting a very unglamorous picture,

For those of you who don't know, the "entrepreneur's seat" is the very very back row of the plane, in the middle seat. And that's where you sit when you have no money to spend, and you're going on a flight last minute... and that seat is a metaphor for what your life is when you're building a company.

Watch Diane's interview below for her stories from the trenches and advice for aspiring innovators.

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Photo credit: Charles Haynes via Flickrcc